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Sammy's Science House

Sammy's Science House

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The Edmark House Series®
Trusted Friends, Modern Tools
The beloved Edmark House Series characters are back with even more engaging content & NEW reporting and management tools to target each student’s individual learning goals.

The Complete Solution For ALL Early Learners
• 30% More Theme Based Activities Per Program
• New Progress Reporting Tools
• Inbuilt Correlation To Learning Objectives And Standards
• Advanced Print Controls
• Expanded Accessibility Options
• Improved User Interface And An Updated Look For Characters
The Edmark House Series®

Product Grade Subject
BBC Science Simulations 1
BBC Science Simulations 1 provides a unique opportunity for children to explore seven 'virtual' science investigations. The simulations include making plants grow, exercise, and building a variety of electrical circuits.
BBC Science Simulations 2
BBC Science Simulations 2 provides exciting opportunities for students to interact with 7 'virtual' science investigations. Within minutes students can observe how shadows change over the course of a day, investigate which of four materials is the best thermal insulator, and much more.
BBC Science Simulations 3
BBC Science Simulations 3 offers seven interactive virtual experiments that allow students to manipulate a variety of variables and instantly observe their effects, and can access graphs and tables to clarify the results, providing a focus for interpretation and scientific explanation.
BBC Science Simulations 3-CD Set
Based on the the award-winning BBC Science Clips TV series, BBC Science Simulations 3-CD Set provides virtual science experiments for students in grades K-6. Each CD provides seven virtual simulations to support and enhance the teaching of science investigation skills.
LOGAL® High School Science Explorer™ Series
The Logal Science Explorer Series provides students with comprehensive coverage of key concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics. The subject matter of these courses is commonly covered in advanced placement and college courses.
LOGAL® High School Science Gateways™ Series
The Logal High School Gateways Series uses interactive computer simulations to teach and reinforce science principles and provide a strong science foundation. These activities and integrated lesson plans develop critical-thinking, scientific-processing, and problem-solving skills within the context of specific concepts.
LOGAL® Middle School Science Gateways™
Students manipulate variables, collect data, analyze relationships, develop and test hypotheses, and draw conclusions.
Sammy’s Science House®
Designed by Early Learning experts, Sammy’s Science House teaches budding scientist how to observe, analyze and test theories. NEW easy to use tools enable customized lessons, progress tracking and assessment.
Space Academy GX-1™
Explore the solar system with Space Academy GX-1! As crew members of Space Academy GX-1, students investigate the astronomical basis for seasons, phases of the moon, gravity, orbits, and more.
Thinkin’ Science®
Five environments introduce students to the scientific methods and concepts needed to understand basic earth, life, and physical sciences.
Thinkin’ Science® ZAP!™
Working with laser beams, electrical circuits, and "visible" sound waves, students practice valuable thinking skills—observation, prediction, deductive reasoning, conceptual modeling, theory building, and hypothesis testing—while experimenting within a highly scientifically accurate environment.
Virtual Labs: Light & Electricity™ Bundle
These virtual light experiments allow students to use lasers and optical tools to safely investigate the nature of light, reflection and mirrors, refraction and lenses, and the color of light.