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Edmark Reading Program, Software Level 2

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Teach beginning reading and language development to nonreaders
The Edmark Reading Program is designed for students with learning or developmental disabilities and those who have not succeeded with other reading methods. For 30 years, this trusted program has been highly regarded by teaching professionals as "the one that works," allowing most nonreaders to master basic reading skills.

The Edmark Reading Program uses a whole-word approach, with short instructional steps, consistent repetition, and positive reinforcement to ensure that students experience immediate success. Multiple learning modalities are incorporated into this highly effective process with a variety of lesson formats that keep students motivated and involved. Graphics, content, and presentation are appropriate for readers of all ages. Graphics can be turned off for adult or older students.

The Edmark Reading Program has been teaching struggling reading students to successfully read for over 30 years. The multimedia (Win/Mac) version received the Codie Award as the Best Special Educational Software Solution of 2002. Available in Win/Mac version or Print version, The Edmark Reading Program is the "one that works." Click on the links below to view PDF files of independent research regarding The Edmark Reading Program's effectiveness.

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